On my website you can find things about my hobbys and Youtube

I made this Website fully by myself with Bootstrap Studio

I am new in Web Developing and Developing in C#, so i am an lerning coder.

I made few Programs by myself, you can download it on "Program" ... its just a

basic C# Program with simple funticons like a spambot, IP config and Pc shutdown funkcion




Hoodie with doubble sided print


there are some Merches with my Logo

My Discord

Inspared by: TieZ| Web Developer

Owner form: Kingston Development Team


He is a great developer. He does developing on diffrent things like webdeveloping

and C# developing and much more.

He is the person who inspared me to do all this stuff with the website and the tool,

i learnd some things from him, but the mowst things from Youtube and by

selflearning. Of cause you can`t teach you everything everything yourself,

for that is his TieZ HvH Development Discord Group there.

theyr helping where they can. It`s a group of diffrent Developors.

Thanks for visiting my Website